Telescope is a w3m-like browser for Gemini

Telescope is written entirely for fun, as a hobbystic project in my free time. As such, it lacks a ton of features you’ll find in more mature Gemini browsers, but it also has some unique ones.

The UI is strongly inspired from Emacs and W3M, so you’ll find some familiar concepts, such as the minibuffer or the tabline, and the default keybindigs also reflect this, but keys familiar for vi and CUA users are also present by default.


Some distros provide a package — thanks to the maintainers!

Packaging status

Source code and precompiled binaries for linux are available:

The dependencies are:

Once all the dependencies are installed, building is as easy as:

$ curl -LO
$ tar xzvf telescope-0.7.1.tar.gz
$ cd telescope-0.7.1
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install # eventually

A SHA256 file containing the checksums is available. However, that only checks for accidental corruption: you can use signify (SHA256.sig and the public key or GPG. The hash of the signify public key is also included in the SHA256 file and signed with my GPG too. The signify public key for the next release is also included.

How to verify the signature with signify:

$ signify -C -p -x SHA256.sig
Signature Verified
telescope-0.7.1-binaries.tar.gz: OK
telescope-0.7.1.tar.gz: OK OK OK
telescope.aarch64: OK
telescope.amd64: OK


0.7.1 “Via Paolo Fabbri 43” bugfix release — Released January 15, 2022

Bug fixes

0.7 “Via Paolo Fabbri 43” — Released January 13, 2022

New features


Bug fixes

Breaking Changes